I got a rant this morning. I, unfortunately or fortunately, overslept. As I looked at the clock, I grabbed my phone to confirm. Yup, almost 7 and I have to leave by 7:30. Speed coffee making, shower, and food prep while grabbing dance attire and putting on fitness attire. I read quickly through messages and on to emails. There it was.

My generation does not rant. If we need to vent, we find a trusted friend or family member to act as our sounding board. If you rant, you immediately push the person you are ranting at into the defensive. They have to choose. Do they address you? Do they address the rant? Do they defend themselves? Do they apologize?

My response is a typical one. Thank you for the information. I will take it under advisement. Our relationship is at a close for the moment. Thank you for your time.

If I’m wrong, I’m happy to apologize. If I slighted you, I am happy to make it right. If you cannot address me kindly and talk it through, I’m no longer interested in engaging with you. You don’t want a relationship. You want power. Relationships require connection, conversation, and compromise.

I once told a student why she was struggling to build friendships at school. If everyone is always on the defense with you, they will offensively throw their attention elsewhere.

Next time you want to rant, find someone who you trust to listen to you. Allow them to be a sounding board. Take the ideas and go to the person you feel is not meeting your needs. Have a chat. Ask for their time. Make your requests. Listen for their answers.

Venting allows you to let things out. Ranting is less about release and more about aggression. Which one do you think serves you better? Which one will get you the result you’re looking for?

Thank you to my mom. She’s taught me so much. Every opportunity is an opportunity. You never know where it might lead or how it will impact you going forward. I cannot tell you the number of times I have treated people well and it has benefited me or a family member. I did it because it was the right thing. My mom taught me that.

I love you. God loves you. Vent or rant….hmm, you know my thoughts. Feel free to educate me if I got it wrong. I’m always ready to learn.